Pinellas County olive oil stores

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Pinellas County olive oil stores


Similar to wine tasting, you choose the olive oil that best meets your individual taste!

Its an event, it is something very unique to do in Tarpon Springs, Florida!

Looking for a gift, a tasting experience, cooking supplies, a unique lunch or dinner hot spot, fine wines, unique beers, catering solutions, etc.

We feature over 30 different Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) and Aged Balsamic’s along with artesian foods from local producers…Pasta’s, Kombucha Fermented Teas, Holi Moli Cheesecakes (they are incredible!).

Our Tarpon Springs Bistro allows you to have a light snack, lunch or dinner and taste the EVOO’s and flavored Balsamic’s paired with food. We have a nice selection of menu items ranging from salads, delicious raviolis, linguini’s with mussels and paninis in addition to specials.

Pinellas County olive oil stores

We met in Stamford, CT and that is where our travel adventures began. We have lived a total of 17 years in Europe and we’re fortunate that we were able to travel and experience many different cultures and cuisines.

Our appreciation of the various kitchens as we traveled in Europe brought us to discuss various retail and bistro concepts over the years.

Today we are happy to bring you our vision and concept of a “Tasting Experience” and hope you enjoy your visit with us.

Chris and Gini 

Pinellas County olive oil stores

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